With social trading platforms emerging up every other, the traders can observe and learn from other experienced investors in the field. However, it is a brainstorming task to choose one that will suit your particular needs. So, today we will take a deep insight of 500. Trade and we hope that this 500 trade review will help you decide if it can be a good option for you.

What 500. Trade and what services do they offer?

A financial broker that you can trust for trading globally in 70 various financial markets is what 500. Trade all about. It is an internet-based platform that can be used on a computer, a tablet, or any smartphone lifting the entire trading experience for the clients. Though they have their working units worldwide originally they are from Western Europe, particularly from Luxembourg.

Here you also get an opportunity to have an overview of what other experienced traders are doing and copy that too for your case if it fits in.

Type of Accounts

The platform gives you access to five different accounts. These accounts and their minimum deposits fee are listed below

  • Basic Account – 250 Euros
  • Bronze Account – 1000 Euros
  • Silver Account – 5000 Euros
  • Gold Account – 10, 000 Euros

Platinum Account – 25, 000 Euros

While reading this 500 trade review you might know by now that with this platform you are never going to miss a single opportunity to trade.

Educational schemes

At 500. Trade platforms, great educational programs are available to help the new traders learn and improve more. However, the availability of the level of the program varies as per the account you go for. Self-evidently, the platinum account will have the best learning platform to polish your trading skills as compared to the basic one.

Thus, the platform has intended to offer a meaningful learning experience to even those who have just begun trading with limited funds.

Assets and Spreads

Trade has a wide range of assets for you to trade in like forex, stocks, cryptocurrencies, and indices. Not only is this but there are large stocks of some companies as well like Forex, Royal Mail, and apple. What makes this platform the best of all other available is that spreads are extremely low which eventually turns out to be beneficial.

Customer support

They have quite a cooperative client support which is available to the customers 24/6.  They have a friendly, experienced, and responsive staff that is there to solve your queries anytime. Their support services can be sought via cell phone, web contact, or email.


Trade has quite lofty standards when it comes to security which is extremely crucial when you look for a trustworthy trading website over the internet. They use encryption of data to keep the private information of traders completely safe. Further, they have a great feature that keeps the brokers’ funds and that of the clients separated from each other which keeps the deposits safe.

Wrapping up the 500 trade review, we will say that it is a quite reliable and trustworthy social trading platform to start with as it has the best stepping stones for you in the trading world.

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